Motorbike Licence

Loan bike provided


Required before you can obtain your learners (L) licence. Learn more
12.5 HR 2-4 Days $550
07 5479 4344

RE Licence

Complete this Q-Ride course to obtain your restricted (RE) licence.
8.5 HRS 1 Day $275
07 5479 4344

R Open Licence

Q Ride Course to upgrade from restricted (RE) to unrestricted (R) Open Licence.
3.5 HRS ½ Day $250
07 5479 4344

1 on 1 Riding Lessons

Designed for students wishing to gain some on road experience.
PER HOUR ½ Day $70
07 5479 4344
Qld Motorcycle Training and QRIDE Motorcycle Licence

Sunstate Motorcycles offer rider training and riding schools through our company Qld Motorcycle Training, an accredited Queensland motorcycle licensing and training school.Sunshine Coast Aegis Training Services RSP no. 114E0102.


Having a motorcycle Licence and riding a motorcycle has many advantages over a car, including:

Motorbikes are CHEAPER TO RUN

With petrol and diesel prices well over $1.50/litre - motorcycles are a great way to save money as they use much less petrol than cars.

Motorcycles generally have a 10Litre tank which can give you a week of riding back and to work, in generally motorbikes use less than half the petrol a car would. If a more people learnt how to ride motorcycles, our dependence on foreign oil would reduce.

You'll always have a park with a Motorcycle Licence!

Most locations have dedicated motorcycle parking close to the entrance, so learning to ride a motorcycle has even more benefits!

Easier & cheaper to maintain

Motorcycles are a lot less complicated than cars therefore there is a lot less to go wrong. And when it does motorcycles are easier to repair. The engine is easier to get too and a lot more accessible, so small repairs can even be done at home. Also service costs on motorcycles are a lot less, with a general service costing almost half the price of a car.

Motorbikes are less boring

Riding a motorcycle can be a great rush and while you are on the bike your attention is often at a heightened level, basically Motorcycles wake you up! If you learn to ride a motorcycle you will be taught all the right precautionary measure to take making sure you are safe while riding.

Benefits of having a motorcycle licence

Get your motorcycle Licence with Sunstate & be safe

Sunstate Motorcycles offer rider training and motorcycle licences through our company Qld Motorcycle Training, an accredited Queensland motorcycle licensing and training school. Craig your course instructor has over 10 years of rider training experience.

Get your motorcycle licence and learn to be safe on the Road

Our MOTORCYCLE courses focus on your safety

When you want to have a motorcycle and be a rider, you must first learn how to ride followed closely by understanding how to stay safe on the road. Making sure you are skilled enough to ride and how to minimize potential harm will help reduce the potential of an accident that can cause serious harm, our trainers and teachers have 30+ years of experience riding on roads.

Many learners have ridden bikes before, however they have bad habits such as keeping a finger or 2 on the front brake lever. During our courses our trainers will make sure you demonstrate the proper and safest riding techniques.

If you’ve never ridden a bike before, our trainers will help you work on proper technique, such as squeezing the fuel tank with your knees, using the back brake to control slow speed and how to find buffer zones on the road.

There are various institutes that can help you learn to ride a motorcycle but you have to make sure that you are picking a motorcycle licence authority that is the best in your area. When you go through the diverse choices that you have, you should check out the reviews of the different institutes.

By choosing to learn to ride a motorcycle with Sunstate, you will be able to commute from one place to another with remarkable ease and in safety.

At Sunstate Motorcycles, we offer all courses, whether you are a beginner who requires 1 on 1 training or you’re ready to get your open licence we can help. We even had a few very experienced riders sign up as they wanted to know the proper technique for doing a slow, tight u-turn!

Feel free to go through the motorcycle licence details for each course and after you are satisfied with the service list and the teaching methods along with the track record, give us a call!

Do not rush into getting your motorcycle licence, there is a lot to learn and staying safe on the road is a very serious subject. Becoming a motorcyclists is not like driving around the streets in a car, other road users easily don’t see you on a bike. But when your ready to start riding, talk to Sunstate Motorcycles, where our trainers will set the right foundations for your safety and fun on the road.

Accredited QRide Motorcycle Licence Provider

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Check out some Learner approved motorcycles

An 650 Burgman Ex Abs

$14490Ride Away!L


$13690Ride Away!L

Yourban 300

$10490Ride Away!L

Gts 300 Super Sport E4

$10390Ride Away!L


$9990Ride Away!L

Gts 300 Super 4V abs ASR

$9990Ride Away!L

Versys 650l Abs

$9890Ride Away!L

Ninja 650l Abs

$9790Ride Away!L

2017 Z650L

$9790Ride Away!L

Vulcan S 650 Abs

$9790Ride Away!L

Sv650 LAMS

$9790Ride Away!L


$9490Ride Away!L

Bv 350 (Beverly)

$8990Ride Away!L


$8490Ride Away!L

CB500 F

$7990Ride Away!L

Gts 150 iget

$7990Ride Away!L


$7990Ride Away!L
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