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    Sorry we currently have no bikes promotions available for Vespa.


Gts 300 Super Sport Fl

$10290Ride Away!L

Gts 250 Fl

$8490Ride Away!L

Px 150

$7290Ride Away!L

Gts 150 I.E 3v Super

$6990Ride Away!L

Sprint 150 I.E 3v

$6390Ride Away!L

Primavera 150 Ie 3v

$6290Ride Away!

Primavera 125 Ie 3v

$5590Ride Away!L

Primavera 50

$4990Ride Away!L

Vespa Scooter Dealer

Scooters have several benefits, such as: Minimize Transportation Costs, Ease of Parking and Commuting and Skip Unnecessary Charges. Scooters are an ideal mode of transport especially in cities, for our Brisbane Vespa Scooter customers we recommend searching our website or either our Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast store for the best deal on a Vespa Scooter. The advantage of riding a new and used Vespa scooter is that you don’t have to pay any additional charges for parking them. Local authorities and councils encourage people to buy scooters and impose either no charges or very minimal parking charges for parking scooters, bikes and scooters on streets. Learn more about scooters and learn more about our Sunshine Coast Vespa Scooter Dealership or Gold Coast Vespa Scooter Dealership.

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